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Over the years Fresno has been shaped by a myriad of individuals with a passion for creating a community that embraces its rich history along with its diverse residents. Fresno has seen steady growth over the past 100 years to become the seventh largest city in the State. One of the few families to become entrenched in the shaping of Fresno is the Tutelian family. The family, led by John Tutelian began a dynasty that today continues in his tradition of renovation and redevelopment of downtown Fresno. It is impossible to navigate downtown Fresno and not see the imprint that Tutelian & Company have made. From the fashionable Civic Center Square to the stylish Galleria to the elegant San Joaquin Power Building, Tutelian & Company have given Fresno landmarks that are both functional and a source of civic pride. Looking to the future, Tutelian & Company will continue its mission to restore and renew Fresno, while enhancing the aesthetics of downtown Fresno.

Tutelian & Company is also at the forefront of exciting and innovative new developments in Fresno and its surrounding communities. The Villagio Shopping Center is credited with bringing several major retail and restaurant chains to Fresno, in a beautifully manicured setting. Park Place, Tutelian & Company’s most recent development, incorporates the beauty of the San Joaquin River with stunning new buildings that are fresh in their architectural design, spacious and positioned in a center that includes a state-of-the-art gym, gourmet restaurants and a private primary school. As Tutelian & Company expand beyond Fresno, the Central Valley will soon benefit from unique and exciting mixed development projects.